Project Koe: Intelligent Fitness

Promoting Inner & Physical Strength

What is Project Koe?

(“ko-ee”) Koe is the Japanese word for voice.  The mission of Project Koe is to empower women to find their own battlecry using traditional Japanese martial arts techniques.

Project Koe is a high-tempo fitness program incorporating traditional martial arts techniques, including opportunities to “kiai” during class.  It is an intense, non-contact fitness class that provides a fun, full body workout.


What is a kiai?

(“key-eye”) Project Koe participants are periodically instructed to “kiai” during the workout, generally on a punch or front kick.  Kiai is the Japanese word for “battle cry.”  When executed properly, a kiai empowers the practitioner by providing a renewed confidence and a deeper sense of focus.  Participants learn to draw on their own, inner power when they feel fatigued.

At Project Koe, we emphasize fitness made intelligent.  Project Koe teaches new, martial-arts related skills as participants become physically stronger.  Instructors clearly explain proper form and technique for all movements, however, they are basic and easily understood by all.  Participants improve endurance, strengthen core, and develop muscle.  The program is based on centuries old traditions of Shorin-Ryu karate.

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Project Koe
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“I really enjoyed these lessons. It gave me a chance to get away from my negative and stressful thoughts.”
J.A-P, age 14
“ProjectKoe is a very fun organization. Nicole is energetic and supportive. ProjectKoe helps participants stay fit, while learning very useful self-defense skills. Overall, I’d like to participate in this class again.”
R.B., 10th grade
“This was very exciting and I truly enjoyed myself. I learned a lot and I am excited that they are teaching young people (especially women) to have their own voice. Thank you.”
S.G, age 15