Fitness for Procrastinators – Working Out 30 Seconds at a Time

L ike many professional procrastinators, I never put off what I needed to do by engaging in some trivial, mindless activity. No, I put off important work by getting engaged in something else equally important. Look

Getting “Back” to Basics: Three Things All Adults Should Know About Back Pain

A staggering 80% of Americans complain about back pain, and it remains one of the most common causes for missing work.  Even the words “back pain,” mean vastly different things to different people.  For some, it “Diplomacy, humor take new NHTSA chief far”

View original article here. Nicole Nason seems more mom-next-door than woman at the top of the nation's highway safety agency. But bubbly personalities can be misleading. The 36-year-old lawyer and former Republican Capitol Hill aide

Auto News: “NHTSA’s Nason Earns Car Seat Credentials From Safe Kids Worldwide”

View original article here. Child Passenger Safety Technicians train parents and caregivers to select, install and adjust car seats and booster seats and to determine when a child is the right size to move from “For NHTSA Chief Nason, Family Influences Policy”

View full article here. Update: Nason stepped down from her position in September 2008. She was replaced by David Kelley, her former chief of staff. When Nicole Nason became administrator of the National Highway

Scala Sensei’s Meditations: Why I went to Japan

I had always been interested in martial arts, and though I had little exposure to the Japanese arts, I found them fascinating. Since childhood, I was drawn to the inherent strength ingrained in the discipline visible

Why I Stayed

I can write a book about why I stayed. The short answer is I fell in love with everything about Japan: the people, the culture and without a doubt, the martial arts. The training and code


I wish I could bottle the feeling I get when I finish teaching.  It’s partially endorphins; I do complete at least part of the workout when I teach.  But I know there’s so much more.

Playing Through Head Pain? Not the Wisest Decision! A Concussion Education for Fitness Lovers

T his past September I finally acquiesced to an amusement park trip to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.  (She’s been asking for years.)  I drove nearly 200 miles with two giggling tweens in the backseat.  They had