I wish I could bottle the feeling I get when I finish teaching.  It’s partially endorphins; I do complete at least part of the workout when I teach.  But I know there’s so much more.  I derive joy from seeing my students succeed.  They’re loud and sweaty, and occasionally complaining, and I celebrate every minute of it.  

Every woman I have ever met wants to improve herself – try new activities, take on challenging assignments, run the show, baby. Sometimes an adult student will tell me, mid-class, “I have gotten much better at this kick.”  It is usually said quite seriously, with just a hint of a smile, and it is always true.  She IS better.  Moreover, she is full of well-earned pride.  She has worked for months, and she has learned something new.  

We, all of us, are never too old to learn a new skill.  I began my martial arts journey at 40.  I know women in their late-50’s who just started theirs.  Inspiration to try something new, or improve at something old, can be found everywhere.  Last winter, a good friend talked me into trying paddle.  I was not good.  My hands were freezing and I continually swung the paddle racket like a tennis player.  But I went out there every Thursday morning because I was so amazed that she, an oncology surgical nurse with three young children, was willing to try.  Just by inviting me to join her, she inspired me.      

I’ve been extremely lucky that my work (both in the government and now) has afforded me the opportunity to meet interesting and dynamic people.  Consistently, they would all appreciate a little more flexibility in life, and none of them want to get stuck in a rut.  Even incredibly busy, they still want to test themselves – in fitness and in life.  

Whatever your fitness choice, tell us how you succeeded when you tested yourself.   Did you face setbacks? How did you keep going?  We all absorb inspiration from each other, me from my class, and you from…what?  Feel free to comment below if you have an empowering story to share, and let everyone hear your voice.